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Smart Radon Level Measurement

RadonCERT devices measure short-term radon levels and collect data on environmental parameters enabling it to predict long-term radon concentration levels with a deep learning-based estimator. The results are accessible easily and in real-time both on the device display and within our online platform and mobile application.

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A single standalone and portable device for short-term radon levels measurement and long-term predictions with deep learning-based estimator, which shows results in a simple interface on its display.

The smartened version of DigiPort with qualitative radon level indicator on its panel and detailed quantitative data in the connected online platform and applications. The device can be integrated with smart homes enabling users to take necessary actions for improving the indoor air quality.

Long-Term Estimator

We provide our long-term radon levels estimator based on short-term measurements and environmental variables through our web-based services to individuals, companies, organizations, and governmental sections.

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Easy-To-Use & Efficient

Save time and money by using RadonCERT devices for measuring radon distribution in your indoor areas, and make sure you are inhaling clean and healthy air.

Simple Interface

View and monitor radon levels in your indoor area on the device indicator panel and your app dashboard

Smart Home Integration

Integrate the application with your smart home to monitor data, set alerts, and take necessary actions.

Portable Device

Measure radon concentration in different rooms and locations in your building with one device.

Advanced Estimator

Predict long-term radon levels from short-term measurements with deep learning-based estimator

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DigiSmart is the smartened version of DigiPort. The measurement and prediction functionality is the same, but the data in DigiSmart is sent to our application and it can be integrated with Smart Homes as well.

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