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Cost Effective

RadonCERT devices are low cost and with maximum efficiency


Devices are designed and manufactured through reliable procedures

RadonCERT's Mission

Radon is a radioactive gas that can accumulate in homes and commercial buildings to concentrated levels, and can affect the productivity, cognitive function, health, and well-being of the occupants.

Our mission is to provide smart and effective devices for monitoring and control of radon levels in indoor areas from households to organizational and commercial buildings.

Artificial Intelligence-Based Radon Levels Predictor

CERT group has developed an effective radon meter that provides indoor air quality measurements for household and organizational use at limited cost and effort and maximum efficiency.

RadonCERT devices measure short-term radon levels and collect data on environmental parameters enabling it to predict long-term radon concentration levels with a deep learning-based estimator. The results are accessible easily and in real-time both on the device display and within our online platform and mobile application.

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Our Team

Meet Our Profesional Team

Ali Ghorbandaei Pour


  • MSc degree in Mechatronics Engineering focusing on Robotics and Machine Learning.
  • Years of experience in research and development and has been working on a team in different Academic and industrials groups.
  • Responsible to lead the team and make major decisions along with other team members.
Narjes Mohsenipour

COO & IT Manager

  • Software engineer working as software developer and IT manager in industry for 10 years.
  • Experience working as a team member on smart home.
  • Responsible for implementing all technology and computing applications while managing the day-to-day operations performance while company is growing.
Abbas Sayyadi

Business Developer

  • Worked as a manager and Business Developer with many start-ups.
  • Has more than 20 years industrial experience.
  • Will find new and interesting business opportunities, maintain existing clients, and develop business strategies.
Seyedeh Kimiya Hedayati Torabi

Regulatory Officer

  • Having worked closely in different environments for 18+ years, Kimiya has developed a wide range of skills.
  • Has double degree in civil Engineering and accounting.
  • Will help team as regulatory officer.